College Football Seasonal Depression


For the past several years, I’ve gotten really excited at the beginning of college football season and then really depressed once November rolls around.  This season is no exception.  I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, the time change, or the fact that certain Seminoles can’t be bothered to show up to class or not get into a fight during something as mundane as “flea market Wednesdays in the Student Union” but these past three weeks make me want to pull the covers over my head and emerge sometime well into January.  Oh and the fact that I’m sure somewhere in Gainesville another round of “National Champions” T-shirts are being printed isn’t helping.

Some notes:

  • Anytime your team stages a Blackout and Kirk Herbstreit is on the scene, calling the game, run, don’t walk out of the stadium immediately.  I feel like a broken record, because I’m spoken ill of the Blackout for years.  It’s almost like I’m playing the role of Cassandra in the Iliad.  “Oh look, it’s a Trojan Horse filled with black uniforms?  Hurry, let’s drag it inside Doak Campbell Stadium!”
  • Steve Spurrier’s facial expressions will never get old to me.  I know he doesn’t want to end up as a “figurehead” so I suggest he take his talents on the road and teach Method at The Actor’s Studio.  Seriously, Steve is 95% more expressive than any actor or actress over 38 working in Hollywood today.  Plus, he’s also good with the tears.  I can just see him coaching Nicole Kidman: “Nic, just think that you’re out there on the sidelines.  Imagine your team is up by 28 points in the Fourth Quarter.  Then your quarterback takes some late hits and your opponents rally to tie you at 31.  Go with it!”
  • The Gators can be up by 1,000 points and Tim Tebowwill most likely still be in the game.  Okay, I know he eventually came out, but still.  As I said to anyone that would listen during my Patriots’ Bandwagon Season last year, I don’t care if you run up the score by 200 points, just as long as you don’t have your first stringers in there.  Besides, I would like to see Tebow multitask on the sidelines by adopting orphans and/or bailing out General Motors.
  • I sat up late last night going through every possible scenario for the ACC Championship game.  Oh to be in the SEC where the teams were determined earlier in the month and the outcome has already been decided.
  • I watched President-Elect Obama on 60 Minutes discussing the importance of a College Football Playoff System.  Sadly, if it needed to, I’m sure that would clear Congress with the requisite amount of votes while the fate of our auto industry lingers on.
  • At least I’m not a Michigan Fan.

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