Defensive Tackles

1. BJ Raji (6’1, 323), Boston College

2. Peria Jerry (6’2, 290), Ole Miss

3. SenDerrick Marks (6’2, 296), Auburn*

4. Fili Moala (6’5, 295), Southern Cal
Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Quick hands, quick first step, moves well laterally, makes plays in space
Weaknesses: Needs to put on some muscle and strengthen up, plays too high, doesn’t get much push
Overview Fili is going to be a 3rd year starter playing the 3 technique in USC 43 defense. Fili has had a lack of production, he is still a valuable pass rusher up the middle but lacks the strength to be dominant against the run. If Fili strengthens up he will be very valuable and get drafted in the first round.

5. Evander “Ziggy” Hood (6’4, 294), Missouri

6. Ron Brace (6’3, 324, Boston College

7. Terrence Taylor, Michigan
8. Vance Walker, Georgia Tech
9. Chris Baker, Hampton
10. Mitch King, Iowa
11. Roy Miller, Texas
12. Alex Magee, Purdue
13. Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State
14. Ricky Jean-Francois, Louisiana State
15. Dorrell Scott, Clemson


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