1. Matthew Stafford (6’3, 228), Georgia

Highlight Videos
Matt Stafford’s 2007 Season Highlights – Part 1
Matt Stafford’s 2007 Season Highlights – Part 2

Strengths: Cannon for an arm, solid build, good mobility, experienced in a pro style offsense, quick release, natural born leader
Weaknesses: Forces too many throws, doesn’t always get proper touch on the ball.
Overview Matt Stafford is a franchise quarterback. He has the physical skills and talent that allows you to build a team around him. He has the experience in a pro style offense, and he demands the respect of the players around him. Stafford has a rocket of an arm and can make any throw necessary at the next level. There is no way Stafford will fall out of the top 5. If he can learn to harness his arm, and not always let it fly, he will be excellent. He does have the gunslinger mentality, but as he matures he should be able to diagnos the defense and not just depend on his natural abilities.
Projected Round: Top 3 pick

2. Mark Sanchez (6’3, 225), Southern Cal

marksanchezvy1 Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: big arm, solid accuracy, very athletic, hard worker, natural born leader, pro style offense, solid build
Weaknesses: experience, durability concerns
Overview Mark Sanchez is one of the two franchise caliber QB’s in this draft. He has a big arm and the mental strength you need in an NFL quarterback. Sanchez is the leader of one of the most talented teams in all of the NCAA. The only real negative people bring up when referring to Sanchez is his lack of experience. He is a fourth year junior who still would have fallen below the “30 game cutoff” that people use to determine NFL success. When it comes to Mark, throw that all out the window. His physical attributes are everything you could want, his arm is one of the best in the draft, and he has incredibly underrated athleticism. Worst case scenario, I see Sanchez falling out of the top 15, but not past the Jets. He is a top 20 lock and will succeed. Mark will come right into the NFL and start studying the playbook immediately. He is one of those special guys who will be able to get the respect and trust of his huddle and team when they first see his work ethic.

Steve Sarkisian wrote:
Mark is the hardest working quarterback that I have ever coached.

3. Nate Davis (6’2, 217), Ball State

natedaviswr8Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: extremely mobile, strong arm and accurate, beautiful ball it is very catchable, good ability to diagnos the defense, very productive
Weaknesses: ball security, learning disability, could put on some weight
Overview Nate Davis is a very intriguing guy. He has a learning disability, which is more important since he is a quarterback, but the fact that he could overcome that and be such a successful quarterback at the next level speaks volumes. Davis is very mobile, on the level of Josh Freeman, and he throws one of the prettiest and most catchable balls in the nation. If Davis can sure up his hands and hold on to the ball more consistently, he has a good chance to be an NFL starter. I could see Davis falling into the right situation in the second round, say a team like the Panthers. He is the kind of guy that with a year or two of work behind a veteran guy would do him extremely well. The more time he is given to learn the offense and understand the playbook before being called upon, the better.

4. Graham Harrell (6’3, 205), Texas Tech

5. Josh Freeman (6’6, 250), Kansas State

6. Hunter Cantwell (6’4, 236), Louisville

7. Mike Teel (6’4, 220), Rutgers

miketeelxf7Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Good size, arm strength, good accuracy, beautiful long ball
Weaknesses: Will stare down the #1 target, incosistency
Overview: It has been an up and down season for Mike Teel. His team started off 1-5 and everyone was saying that he sucks. Rutgers was built up by the media and expectations were high. Early in the season some WR’s weren’t helping Teel, with slopping route running and effort, but they got it together. To close the season Teel was brilliant. You can’t overlook his final home performance were he threw for 447 yards and 7 TDs with NO INTS. He has the arm strength necessary, very good accuracy and a nice long ball. Teel has quitely flown under the radar the past two seasons with a combined total of 6,246 yards, 43 TDs and 25 INTs, his ratings have been 145.37 and 148.52 respectively. Teel still needs some work, working on his medium range and getting the consistency, he also needs to prove he is mentally tough enough. I think with a year or two of work, Teel will be a solid starter in the league.

8. Tom Brandstater (6’5, 225), Fresno State
Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: great pocket presence, above average accuracy underneath, good leader
Weaknesses: Mechanics, inconsistency
Overview: Tom Brandstater won’t be able to make an immediate impact in the NFL. He will need to come in to a team in the mid rounds to sit and learn the game a little more and to tighten up his mechanics. I see him going in rounds 4 or 5, and I do think he will make a roster. If I had a solid veteran who I knew I could get two or three years out of, I would take a flyer on Brandstater. Worst case scenario he will be a journeyman backup.

9. Pat White (6’0, 192), West Virginia

10. Brian Hoyer (6’3, 215), Michigan State

11. Stephen McGee (6’3, 207), Texas A&M

12. Cullen Harper (6’4, 225), Clemson
Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Great size, willing to stand in pocket, doesn’t force many throws, good zip on ball
Weaknesses: Struggles under pressure, takes too many sacks, slower release, average arm strength, doesn’t show ability to read the defense well, often throws to 1st option
Overview: Harper led the ACC in passer rating last season with a 141.0 while passing for 2991 yards, 27 TDs and just 6 INTs. Harper is a senior so he will have a sense of maturity coming into the NFL that has been lacking from previous top QB selections.

13. Rhett Bomar (6’2, 215), Sam Houston State
Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Athletic, big arm, quick release
Weaknesses: Character, production, level of competition
Overview: You all know the story that relates to his character issues, which resulted in him being kicked off the Sooners. Bomar has the necessary arm strength to make an impact at the next level. I really think Bomar would be rated a little higher if he would have stayed at Oklahoma and had the oppurtunity to work with Bob Stoops and the Sooners staff. Rhett is the most polished of a weak Senior class, and should be a 3rd or 4th round pick. He has really hurt his stock during Senior Bowl week.

14. Curtis Painter (6’4, 230), Purdue
curtispainterjc0Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Good size, above average accuracy and arm strength, quick release, incredible timing, experienced
Weaknesses: A statue in the pocket, needs to work under center, improve footwork and 3/5 step drops, disappeared in big games, forces the ball on occasion
Overview: Painter still has some work to do and a few skills to refine in order to become successful at the next level, mainly his footwork. When all is said and done, Painter likely won’t be a franchise QB in the NFL, but he has more than enough talent to become a solid starter for a franchise down the road.

15. Mike Reilly (6’3, 214), Central Washington

16. John Parker Wilson (6’2, 211), Alabama

17. David Johnson (6’3, 220), Tulsa

18. Chase Daniel (6’0, 225), Missouri

19. Drew Willy (6’4, 214), Buffalo

20. Nathan Brown (6’2, 214), Central Arkansas

21. Brian Johnson (6’1, 200), Utah

22. Willie Tuitama (6’3, 220), Arizona

23. Todd Boeckman (6’4, 244), Ohio State
Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Good size, good patience, allows routes to develop
Weaknesses: Poor arm strength, slow release, does force things under pressure
Overview Boeckman is a 2 year starter. He really isn’t expected to do anything special, he is more of a game manager. He has the size you would like for an NFL quarterback, unfortunately he doesn’t have good enough arm strength and a lot of his completions are to wide open receivers after play action. Someone will select him in the later rounds, but I wouldn’t expect much out of him as an NFL player.

24. C.J. Bacher (6’2, 205), Northwestern

25. Joe Ganz (6’1, 200), Nebraska
Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Mobility
Weaknesses: Small, thin frame, poor timing, relies on rollout, stares down receivers, inexperienced
Overview I am not a believer in Joe Ganz. I don’t think he has the size, or the arm strength to make it at the next level. He can stare down the first receiver and just run around until he thinks the guy is open, then he will force the ball. Ganz does have good mobility, but he needs to contain himself. Too often he just looks to slide out right away and he leaves his teammates not knowing what to do, instead of quick 3 and 5 step drops, Ganz will just gallop around until HE feels comfortable. He also makes more than a few throws that make you say “what was he thinking?” Then again, who doesn’t. Ganz could maybe someday make a roster, but for now I think he is an UDFA who will likely never get a shot in the league. Best case scenario for him I am afraid is a journeyman 3rd string QB.

26. Rudy Carpenter (6’3, 225), Arizona State

27. Chris Pizzotti (6’5, 225), Harvard

28. Chase Holbrook (6’5, 245), New Mexico State

29. Sean Glennon (6’4, 224), Virginia Tech


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