Running Backs

1. Knowshon Moreno (5’11, 208), Georgia
knowshonvj9Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Great burst and acceleration, tough kid, hits the hole hard, keeps his legs moving, falls forward, runs with a low pad level, great vision and patience, good balance and hips, not afraid to run between tackles
Weaknesses: Size, doesn’t have elite speed, not a great blocker
Overview Knowshon Moreno is already an NFL style runner and can overcome his size with his incredible heart and toughness. He excels on outside runs where he can take advantage of his vision and patience. Moreno should be able to overcome his size and become an every down player at the next level. Moreno is such a well-rounded back that I don’t see any way he will not succeed in the NFL. His timed speed is elite, but it will be faster than people expect, and he will solidify himself as a top 15 pick.

2. LeSean ‘Shady’ McCoy (5’11, 210), Pittsburgh
shadymccoyrr6 Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: DYNAMIC, Incredible quickness and elite speed, great agility and footwork, good balance, fluid hips, can contribute on special teams, solid receiver out of the backfield, great vision and patience, know his blocking assignments and hits the holes at full speed
Weaknesses: Size, not good at breaking tackles, ball security, doesn’t drive through contact, needs to bulk up his lower body
Overview LeSean McCoy is one of my other favorite prospects. McCoy was a top recruit going into his senior season and he was commited to Miami (Fla.) but he had an unfortunate ankle injury in the 4 game of the season. He then went on to the New York prep school, Milford Academy. At the Nike Training Camp in State College he recorded a 4.25 in the 40 yard dash. McCoy’s lack of size may not allow him to be an every down back at the next level, but his speed and quickness will help him be productive. He will be every bit as good in the open field as Reggie Bush.

3. Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells, Ohio State
beaniewellscq1 Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: intriguing mix of speed and size, breaks through any arm tackle, an athletic big man
Weaknesses: not a receiving threat, made of glass, work ethic questions?, hate to say it but can be “soft” at times, doesn’t run with the power you would like from a guy his size.
Overview Beanie will be a mid to late first rounder. He is very athletic for a guy his size and while at times he runs with power, it is inconsistent. There are plays when Beanie will just bust through the line and take everyone with him, and then the next play he will hit the back of a lineman and fall over. At times I call him Baby Wells instead of Beanie. I would like to see more consistent hard running out of a guy like him. Beanie also has a questionable work ethic, and can have the label of a “soft” player. He has some injury concerns and I have seen him take himself out of the game on numerous occasions which is unnacceptable. Beanie is also a very one dimentional prospect at this point. At an age when the runningback is also asked to be a receiver, Wells has no value at that aspect of the game. Couple him with a guy like Darren Sproles and that could be a deadly duo. Overall, if he can go ahead and just ignore any minor pains and focus on dishing out the punishment a guy like himself should be able to do, Wells should be an excellent back in the league. He still has room for improvement and has incredible potential. I wish Beanie the best and hope he can stay healthy, because if he can… he could be something special. He really needs to toughen up though.

4. Donald Brown, Connecticut

5. Shonn Greene (5’11, 235), Iowa*

6. Javon Ringer (5’9, 202), Michigan State
javonringerpt0Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Vision, toughness, elusiveness, patient runner
Weaknesses: size
Overview Ringer has great elusiveness, couple that with his vision and you can see why he is a good option at RB. Ringer isn’t the biggest back, but he isn’t afraid to bump with the big guys inside. He is also a good blocker and receiving threat. Javon is a really complete back and I think he will be a valuable addition to any roster. Ringer will probably put on some weight, you may see him in the 215 range, which is the same weight as Darren McFadden, and ringer is 3 inches shorter. I really like Javon Ringer and don’t think he will be available on day two of the draft.

7. Tyrell Sutton (5’9, 205), Northwestern
suttonrh2Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Good hands, excellent speed and quickness, above average blocker, runs hard for his size
Weaknesses: May be a little small for some people, is he an everydown back?
Overview Tyrell Sutton amazes me more and more everytime I watch him. It is incredible what a kid his size can do while running the ball. He isn’t afraid to lower his shoulder and run into the defender, you will usually see him falling forward which really speaks about the power he runs with. Sutton will be a valuable asset out of the backfield as a receiver as well, which should help his stock. He has been consistently producing in the Big Ten, barring some setbacks with injury, and has shown he is more than capable of making the jump to the NFL. He is fast enough, strong enough, runs hard enough, has good hands, and isn’t afraid to take on a blitzing linebacker in passing situations. Sutton will do everything you want him to, and I’d like for him to succeed in the NFL.

8. James Davis (5’11, 215), Clemson

9. Rashad Jennings (6’1, 230), Liberty
rashadjenningsas1Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Big, powerful runner, good push, not afraid to lower the shoulder
Weaknesses: Lacks breakaway speed
Overview: Rashad Jennings, and FCS All-American, is another PITT transfer who is seeing big things in his future. He has the size and strength to be a very powerful and effective back. He also has good hands for a back his size. Early in his collegiate career there were talks of moving him to fullback, but Jennings wanted to stay as a featured back. He plays faster than his timed speed, some people say he will run a 4.6 or 4.5… low 4.5’s is likely, but don’t be surprised if he breaks that and runs a 4.47-4.49. Jennings should be a 2nd round pick, and I could see him having a Tim Hightower, type influence immediately. He will probably be used on short goalline situations to start, and has the potential to work his way into the number one role by seasons end.

10. Kory Sheets, Purdue

11. Jeremiah Johnson (5’9, 210), Oregon
jermiahjohnsonjh1Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Great vision, incredibly agile, doesn’t have wear and tear, nice hands and footwork
Weaknesses: Has always split carries can he be the feature guy? lacks break away speed, injury prone?
Overview I really like Jeremiah Johnson, for more reasons than his awesome name. The most important attribute a running back needs for me is vision, and Johnson has some of the best vision in the nation. All you need a running back to do is be able to make guys miss, and Johnson has swift hips and can make guys miss in a heart beat. He may not have the inside running game of Jonathan Stewart, but he is a more dynamic runner. Johnson could be a capable receiver in the backfield as he has shown when given the chance. I like Jeremiah Johnson more than most, and I would take him in the 3rd round.

12. Arian Foster (6’1, 215), Tennessee

13. Devin Moore (5’10, 191), Wyoming

14. Gartrell Johnson (6’0, 225), Colorado State

15. Andre Brown (6’0, 228), North Carolina State

16. Aaron Brown, Texas Christian

17. Mike Goodson, Texas A&M

18. Cedric Peerman, Virginia

19. Javarris Williams (5’11, 215), Tennessee State

20. Ian Johnson (6’0, 196), Boise State

21. Marlon Lucky, Nebraska

22. Glen Coffee, Alabama

23. Brandon Ore, West Liberty State

24. P.J. Hill, Wisconsin

25. Marcus Thigpen, Indiana

26. Herb Donaldson, Western Illinois

27. Brad Lester (5’11, 200), Auburn

28. Antone Smith, Florida State

29. Khalil Bell, UCLA

30. Keegan Herring, Arizona State


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