1. Louis Delmas (5’11, 196), Western Michigan
delmasjn1Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Devastating hitter, always aware to what is going on, most physical safety in the draft, excellent in run support.
Weaknesses: Size, doesn’t have great timed speed, tries to do too much at times and gets out of position, just needs to harness the energy
Overview Louis Delmas is the hardest hitting safety in this draft. He is willing to put his body at risk to make the play, and he isn’t afraid to lay the wood. He doesn’t have great speed, but his awareness is top notch and that tends to keep him from getting burnt too often. He’s got such a well-rounded game that I would have a hard time not taking him in round one. Delmas just has it, when you watch him he stands out and really excites you. I have said this before, in terms of playing style… he will fly in for run support a la Bob Sanders, and in the passing game you always see him flying around and crushing the wide receiver. If he can tone down his excitement and stop from being too aggressive at times he can be an all-star.

2. Rashad Johnson (6’0, 186), Alabama

3. Patrick Chung, Oregon
4. Derek Pegues, Mississippi State
5. Michael Hamlin, Clemson
6. Emmanuel Cook, South Carolina
7. Courtney Greene, Rutgers
8. Kevin Ellison, Southern Cal
9. Otis Wiley, Michigan State
10. William Moore, Missouri
11. Curtis Taylor, Louisiana State
12. Chip Vaughn, Wake Forest
13. C.J. Spillman, Marshall
14. David Bruton, Notre Dame
15. Trimane Goddard, North Carolina


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