1. Eugene Monroe (6’6, 315), Virginia
eugenemonroedl1Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Impeccible technique, great size and moves very well for his size, incredible footwork, no major flaws
Weaknesses: could use a little work in the run blocking game
Overview I really can’t say anything bad about Eugene Monroe. I personally think he should go #1 overall. He is the most well rounded tackle in the draft. His combination of size and footwork is remarkable. He really hasn’t gotten the attention he deserved until this season, and he has shown why he should be the first tackle taken. There is no major flaw in his game. The only thing you could criticize is that he maybe needs to step up intensity on the run blocking, but that could be a stretch as he is on the same level as some of the other top prospects. Detroit would be smart to draft Monroe and have him opposite Gosder Cherilus for years to come.

2. Jason Smith (6’5, 305), Baylor
jasonsmithts6Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Elite pass blocker, good size, great feet and athleticism
Weaknesses: Needs to bulk up, work on the run blocking
Overview Jason Smith has some serious potential. It isn’t often that you get an offensive tackle with this kind of athleticism. Playing in the Baylor offense it showed that he had incredible skills protecting the passer, but he also never had much work getting out of a stance and showing his run blocking skills. Offseason workouts will be really important because it will allow him time to improve technique and he needs to bulk up and add some strength. For now Smith would be a great fit in the zone blocking scheme, but if he gets into the gym and works on his technique and strength, he is definately worth a first round pick. Smith is neck and neck with Oher and the two could flip spots depending on team needs.

3. Andre Smith, Alabama

4. Michael Oher (6’6, 322), Ole Miss
oherdq5Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Size, reach, athleticism, good strength and balance, great run blocker who isn’t afraid to finish, he can handle the speed rush and has the ability to get to the next level and finish off linebackers
Weaknesses: Pass protection, needs to work on consistency, needs to play harder with more of a killer instinct, work on hand placement
Overview This is Michael Oher’s fourth year starting for Ole Miss, and his 3rd year at left tackle. He is a very well rounded tackle who does a little of everything. He was looked at as a top 5 prospect going into the season, but I think he may slip to the 10-15 range due to lack of consistency. He has great athletic ability for a man his size and has the strength to be a great player in the NFL. He needs to bring his technique up to his potential level and he has Pro Bowl talent.

5. Eben Britton, Arizona

6. William Beatty, Connecticut

7. Jason Watkins, Florida

8. Travis Kropog, Tulane

9. Jamon Meredith, South Carolina

10. Xavier Fulton, Illinois

11. Fenuki Tupou, Oregon

12. Ramon Foster, Tennessee

13. Gerald Cadogan, Penn State

14. Alex Boone (6’8, 313), Ohio State

15. Augustus Parrish, Kent State

16. Garrett Reynolds (6’7, 310), North Carolina

17. Anderw Gardner, Georgia Tech

18. Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma

19. Cornelius Lewis, Tennessee State

20. Joel Bell, Furman


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