Tight Ends

1. Brandon Pettigrew (6’6, 260), Oklahoma State

2. Shawn Nelson (6’5, 239), Southern Miss

3. Cornelius Ingram, Florida

4. Bear Pascoe, Fresno State

5. Chase Coffman (6’6, 245), Missouri

6. James Casey, Rice

7. Jared Cook (6’5, 242), South Carolina

8. Travis Beckum (6’4, 235), Wisconsin
Highlight Videos: coming soon!
Strengths: Production, works good out of the slot, deceptive speed, good athlete, finds the holes in a zone, good in traffic and gets the ball at its highest point
Weaknesses: He needs to bulk up and gain a lot of strength, below average blocker, catches with his body at times, not too physical, doesn’t get off the line of scrimmage well, lacks lower body strength
Overview: Travis Beckum gets a majority of his catches underneath because he is a mismatch for most linebackers. He doesn’t play with intesity and that shows in his poor blocking game. I hate to use this to describe a player, but Beckum can play really soft. He needs to play with more passion and develop a lot as a blocker if he wants to be a true tight end at the next level.

9. Marquez Branson, Central Arkansas

10. Ryan Purvis, Boston College


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